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MahCard is a prepaid travel debit card for tourists in Iran.


Mah Card is an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for tourists traveling to Iran. Mah Card is an equivalent of International credit/debit cards(i.e. Visa or MasterCard) which lets you use your money in Iran as opposed to carry cash around. Since international cards are not operating in Iran, the only way to make purchases is either using cash or Iranian debit cards. Banks and other financial institutes in Iran are either don’t issue cards to foreigners or require a big, thick list of documents that tourists normally don’t carry around! Banks also add a very high markup to their exchange rate, which means that you will be paying huge hidden charges. You can see the exchange rates on our website and compare it to the rates banks advertise.

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MahCard Logo - Grey

MahCard Logo - Grey

MahCard Logo

MahCard Logo - Green on white

MahCard - Card Sample - White

MahCard - Card Sample - White

MahCard - Card Sample - Grey

MahCard - Card Sample - Grey


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